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Phonics and Reading Schemes

At Key Stage 1, the school follows the Letters and Sounds Programme, supplemented by materials from Jolly Phonics. The reading scheme is predominantly made up of books from the Oxford Reading Scheme, but we also have supplementary material from the Ginn 360 Reading Scheme and the Longman Reading Scheme.

Primary Schemes of Work

Year 6 Swimming Groups


Primary SATs Timetable


Week Beginning 07.05.18

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8.15 we will be running ‘drop-in’ sessions for everyone. These sessions will be covering a range of areas from question techniques to subject specific issues.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3.15 - 4.15 there will be further sessions for more in-depth study.

These sessions are optional and children do not have to attend every one but it would be great if you can encourage your child to come to a few.


Week Beginning 14.05.18

During SATs week and we have to adhere to a national timetable of tests.


SATs Week Timetable

We would like to invite the children in early so they can have some breakfast with their friends, chat and get themselves ready for the day ahead. We will aim to have all the children tested by lunchtime so that they have the afternoons to switch off a bit and re-energise.


  • Monday: Breakfast (8am-8.45am), English: Grammar,  and Punctuation paper 1, English: Spelling Paper 2
  • Tuesday: Breakfast (8am-8.45am), English Reading
  • Wednesday: Breakfast (8am-8.45am), Maths: Arithmetic Paper 1, Maths: Reasoning Paper 2
  • Thursday: Breakfast (8am-8.45am), Maths: Reasoning Paper 3

Secondary Subjects

Year 9 Options