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Short Week - Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th September



Chicken curry and rice (celery,milk,mustard)

Ham, cheese and pineapple (milk)

Wedges, cucumber, sultanas, broccoli, carrots, baked beans,

Coleslaw (egg,milk,mustard)


Chelsea buns (egg,milk,wheat)

Jelly and ice cream (milk,soya)




Meat pie and gravy (barley,celery,milk,soya,wheat)

Chicken drum sticks


Creamed potato (milk)

Country mixed vegetables, sweetcorn,

parsnips (wheat)


Jaffa cake sponge and custard (egg,milk,wheat)

Flapjack (milk,oats)




Roast beef, gravy and Yorkshire pudding (barley,celery,eggs,milk,soya,wheat)

Cheese pasta (V) (milk,mustard,wheat)


Roast potatoes, cabbage, swede and

vegetable bake (celery)


Fresh fruit salad

Steamed chocolate sponge and custard (eggs,milk,wheat)


If you have any dietary requirements, please notify the kitchen. On the days that the vegetarian option is not on the menu, please look at the notice board next to the kitchen. Fresh fruit or yoghurt (contains milk) is available as an alternative dessert + wholemeal bread (contains wheat, milk) is available each day.