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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team and Designated Teachers (DT) for Safeguarding

Jeff Marshall Acting Headteacher (DT)
Anna Wild Leader of Learning Lower School (DT)
Emily Banfield Key Stage 3 Leader
Gemma Pearce Key Stage 4 Leader (DT)

Off-Island Base Leaders

Caroline 'Maddy' Hicks St Agnes Base (LMT)
Jackie Marshall St Martin's Base (LMT)
Susanna Gates Tresco and Bryher Base (LMT)


Teaching Staff

Adam May, Dave Baxter (LMT), Debbie Wainwright (LMT), Jane Pender (Peripatetic Music Teacher), Laura Beattie (LMT), Leigh Kendrick, Lisa Jackson, Liz Turner, Louise Parker, Lucy Greenlaw, Martyn Songhurst, Paul Bolton, Rachel Lewin, Rachel Thornton, Rebecca Lewis (SENCo), Rebecca Streeter, Sam Grossett, Steve Wainwright, Sonia Scott, Steve Wilson, Tania Reynolds (LMT), Tim Garratt.


LMT - Learning Management Team

SENCO - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator


Teaching Assistants and Higher-Level Teaching Assistants

Anna Ward, Claire Sandford, Clare Robson (HLTA), Claudia Smith, Emily Sladen, Faye Guy, Grace Hicks, Grace Kirkby (HLTA), Jasmine Callan, Jenny Lewin, Jodie Asten, Jo Hathway, Julian Morel (HLTA), Julie McMurray, Karen Kershaw, Moira Graham (HLTA), Rosie Tocknell, Sara Symons (Cover Supervisor), Sarah Jenkins (Cover Supervisor), Sarah Shave (HLTA), Selena Baxter, Sian Scott, Sonia Crompton, Natalie Williams (St Martin's Boating Escort).


Administration and Finance

Alison Gould Administrator/Receptionist
Julie Hicks PA to the Head Teacher
Penny Rogers Careers Librarian
Rebecca Littlejohn Personnel Assistant
Sara Hoyle Finance Manager
Sarah Lock Finance Assistant



Daniel Chodkiewicz ICT Technician
Jeremy Pearson ICT & Electronic Services Manager
Matthew Pearson ICT Technician


Caretaking, Cleaning and Kitchen

Howard Cole Site Manager
Dennis King Cleaner
Jane Stewart Cleaner - St Agnes Base
Jo Geraghty Cleaner and boating escort - Tresco and Bryher Base
JoJo Web Kitchen Assistant and Cook
Karen Jenkins Mundesley Cleaner
Karen Simmons Kitchen Manager
Michelle Morel Kitchen Assistant
Roland Wallace Cleaner
Will Evans Cleaner


Lunch Supervisors

Irene Brown

Beth Thomas


Residential Staff (Mundesley Boarding House)

Erica Swain Houseparent (Temporary)
Wez Swain Houseparent (Temporary)
Julian Morel

Assistant Houseparent

Rosie Tocknell                                             Assistant Houseparent                   

Outdoor Education

Mike Rigby


Updated 25th April 2017