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Year 10 Assessment


You will be assessed using a scaffolded Foundation/Higher Non-Calculator GCSE 9-1 paper. This will contain many of the topics that you have covered in maths so far this year. You have a detailed list of topic areas to focus on for revision and have started to look at this already. Useful websites to support revision would be Hegarty Maths, Maths Watch (login pnumber@fiveislands, password isosceles) and Just Maths (login FiveStudent, password Five).



You will write two short essays on ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ under assessment conditions. Feedback from the essays completed during our diagnostic week, and preparation time for the assessment essays will be given during class. You will need to choose and learn a selection of key quotations for the second ‘elsewhere in the novel’ essay, which you can do using our class Quizlet sets.



You will be assessed using sample questions from the new GCSE 9-1 specification. The topics we have covered this quadmester are Acids and Alkalis, Calculations Involving Masses, Rates of Reaction and Heat Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions. Every student has been emailed comprehensive revision checklists for each of these areas. They have also received an electronic copy of the Core Practical Guide which gives details of the 3 Core Practicals we have covered this quadmester alongside sample exam questions relating to them with model answers to help students prepare. Students have also been emailed guidance to support them in practicing structuring the 6 mark questions which feature in every exam. We have utilized a variety of revision techniques in class which include revision cards and post it notes, mind mapping and posters, kahoots, quizlet, bbc bitesize and doddle and practice GCSE questions - something out there to suit every learning style!


Triple Science

You will assessed on your understanding of concentrations, yields and atom economy in a GSCE 9-1 graded chemistry paper. Use the resources on firefly to find specific revision tasks that have been set, as well as prior checklist and success criteria from taught lessons.



You will be assessed on coastal landscapes and The Living World



You will write a final judgement essay to answer our Essential Question about the Vikings. We will prepare this essay in class, but you will need to revise key knowledge such as dates, names and events to use as evidence to support your judgement. You will use your notes and the textbook for this, but you can also practise quizzes on Dynamic Learning and Quizlet



You will be assessed in the four skills of languages: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Using GCSE exam style questions. Your assessments will test your knowledge and skills learnt during quadmester 2 from Module 7 Studio AQA GCSE Higher “Bon Travail”.   Use your online active book and your own notes to help you with your revision.



You will be assessed on your observational study that you have been developing this quadmester. 



You will be assessed using an Appraisal Paper which is focussed on Area of Study 2: Music for Ensemble. Within this there is a strong focus on listening and the following link can take you to a range of music listening questions which would be good practice You can also use your textbook and the notes you have made so far in preparation for this assessment. Look back through your books at all of the material we have covered this quadmester including blues and jazz, musicals, musical eras, groups and the musical terminology we have encountered.


Design Technology

No information provided


Religious Education

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Computer Science

You will be assessed using exam style GCSE questions on the topics covered this quadmester. 
Topics to revise: 
Algorithms, including sorting and searching. 
Flowcharts and their symbols.
Operators, Variables and constants.



No information provided