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Year 11 Assessment


During your mocks you will be sitting three 9-1 GCSE Mock papers, one non-calculator and two calculator papers at either Higher or Foundation tier. You will have already received a detailed topic list of all of the elements of maths that will be in these papers.  Useful websites to support revision would be Hegarty Maths, Maths Watch (login pnumber@fiveislands, password isosceles) and Just Maths (login FiveStudent, password Five).


English Language

For your English Language mocks, you will sit both papers, just as you did in the previous round of exams: Paper 1 (Fiction and Imaginative Writing) and Paper 2 (Non-fiction and Transactional Writing). The best thing you can do to prepare for these exams is to revisit your papers, targets and adjustment tasks from November, as these identify the key steps you can take to improve on your previous marks. On our shared Google Drive folder (link on Firefly), you will find the ‘Walkthrough’ powerpoints, which take you through each question on each paper, giving you step by step instructions for success.


English Literature

You will sit both English Literature papers in these mock exams: Paper 1 (Shakespeare and Animal Farm) and Paper 2 (Jekyll & Hyde, Conflict Poems and Unseen Poetry). We will be going through the expectations for each paper in class. You have each been given a Mocks Revision Booklet (look on Firefly if you can’t find it) to complete. If you work through each page of this, you will have prepared every essay that could come up in the exams. Key to success is learning quotations and key contextual information. Use Quizlet little and often to help you get these embedded in your memory. Revision guides are available on our shared Google Drive folders (links on Firefly), and in the classroom, if you would like to come and use them there.



You will be assessed on 3 separate papers covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Biology paper will require knowledge and understanding of units CB1, CB2 and CB3. The Chemistry paper covers CC1-CC7 and the Physics paper covers content CP1-CP5. Resources available through firefly will help focus and support revision alongside end of units tests and prior homeworks.


Triple Science

You will be sitting a complete Chemistry Paper 2 and a Complete Biology Paper 2. The Biology 2 Paper examines the content of units SB1 and SB6-SB9. The Chemistry Paper 2 examines the content of units SC3-7, SC9, and SC17-26. You have been emailed comprehensive revision checklists for every unit and we have worked together on practice questions and model responses. You also have the Core Practical Guide to support you with questions related to these essential experiments. Useful websites to support revision include BBC bitesize, doddle, quizlet. Our Monday sessions and Thursday lunchtimes will continue to run alongside Wednesday HW club for additional support.



You will be assessed on Coasts glaciation The Living World, Natural Hazards, Economic change in the UK and NEE’s.



You are sitting all the exams for GCSE history except for the History Around Us paper, in these mocks. Your first paper will be Vikings and Nazis, and your second paper will be Normans and Public Health. A list of the key topics to revise has been shared with you on Firefly. Your notes and textbooks will be most useful for these, but you can also go over key content on Dynamic Learning, GCSE Pod, and practice key terms on Quizlet. We will go over the format and success criteria for each question type in class, using your feedback from November’s Mocks to guide you.



For your mock exams you will complete four exams one in each of the skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The papers are an amalgam of AQA past papers and sample papers. Use your revision guide and workbook and the online pearson resources to help you with your revision.



No information provided



There is no mock exam or formal assessment. 
You are currently working on your preparatory studies for your final exam and will use your lessons to start the studies for A02- Media Exploration.



For your mock exam you will be completing a sample GCSE 9-1 Eduqas Appraisal paper. This will contain 8 questions made up of two questions from each of the four areas of study: Musical Forms and Devices, Music for Ensemble, Film Music, and Popular Music. There will be a question on both set works Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Since You’ve Been Gone so please review both of these. There is also a strong focus on listening within the Appraisal paper and the following link can take you to a range of music listening questions which would be good practice 

The textbook would be a good place to support your revision and also all of your notes from last year.


Design Technology

No information provided


Religious Education

No information provided



No information provided


Child Development

No information provided


Computer Science

For your mock exams you will be completing a paper one and paper two created from past paper questions and sample papers.  Use your online textbook at  and your revision guide and practice paper workbook to help your revision.