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Year 7 Assessment


You will be assessed using a scaffolded Foundation Non-Calculator GCSE 9-1 paper. This will contain many of the topics that you have covered in maths so far this year. You have a detailed list of topic areas to focus on for revision and have started to look at this already. Useful websites to support revision would be Hegarty Maths, Maths Watch (login pnumber@fiveislands, password isosceles) and Just Maths (login FiveStudent, password Five). 




You will be assessed on how well you can write an effective P.E.E.(L) paragraph, using the markscheme from a GCSE English Literature question. All preparation for this assessment will be completed in your English lessons, so no extra revision is required.



You will be assessed on the chemistry and physics of fireworks. The GCSE graded paper will include questions on elements, compounds and states of matter. You will also be required to draw accurate ray diagrams and identify the key concepts of sound. In week 9 you will also have the opportunity to show your learning by producing a poster presentation on how we see, hear and make fireworks.
 To support revision, you can access support from online activities using the ActiveLearn website, Doddle and BBC Bitesize.




You will be assessed by a written paper which will examine your knowledge and understanding of the work we have been covering on weather and climate: in particular: microclimate, causes of rainfall, differences in Britain’s climate, weather associated with high and low pressure and the interpretation of weather maps.




You will be assessed by a written question using a gcse mark scheme which will look at how castles changed in the medieval period.



You will be assessed in the four skills of languages: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Using GCSE exam style questions. Your assessments will test your knowledge and skills learnt during quadmester 2 from Module 2 Studio 1 “Mon Collège” (pages 26-47).  Use your online active book to help you with your revision.




You will be assessed on your expressive self portrait. To prepare you can continue to practise drawing your face from a selfie or from a mirror. 




You will be assessed on your composition of a ternary form piece using the scales we have explored this Quadmester (AO2). Your piece must follow this structure: 
A section (8 bars): Using a major scale of your choice create an A section of 8 bars.
B section (8 bars): Choose from one of the other scales to base section B on, either pentatonic, minor, whole tone or chromatic. 
A Section (8 bars): Revisit section A. 
You must also include either a drone or chords to accompany your melody. 

You will be assessed against the GCSE composition guidelines.


Design Technology

No information provided


Food Technology

You will be assessed on your final cooking practical from quadmester 2. 
To prepare you will have a practise the week before assessment week.


Religious Education

No information provided.