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Year 9 Assessment


You will be assessed using a Foundation Non-Calculator GCSE 9-1 paper, this will contain many of the topics that you have covered in maths so far this year. You have a detailed list of topic areas to focus on for revision and have started to look at this already. Useful websites to support revision would be Hegarty Maths, Maths Watch (login pnumber@fiveislands, password isosceles) and Just Maths (login FiveStudent, password Five).



During assessment week, Year 9 will be writing a GCSE essay on 'Animal Farm'. The question and 'I can' statements being measured are shown on the Autumn Quadmester study guide. To prepare, the students will be completing mind-map essay plans and learning key quotations. They should use the two sets of revision cards in my Year 9 class on Quizlet (, to help them learn key quotations and contextual information. Further revision materials can be found on BBC Bitesize or or



Year 9 will be taking a GCSE style exam paper that covers the topics we have covered that include: Cell structure and function, specialised cells, reactions in plants including respiration, photosynthesis and limiting factors, structure of bacteria, virus and fungi, organ systems particularly the musculoskeletal system, movement, health, disease and drugs, puberty, sexual reproduction, gestation and birth.


Students have identified their areas of strengths and weakness. To revise they have their exercise books and electronically produced work as well as access to BBC Bitesize (both KS3 and GCSE) and Doddle.



You will be assessed using a written exam paper covering the structure of the earth, plate boundaries, volcanoes and earthquakes. Revise using exercise books, Doddle and BBC Bitesize.



You will be assessed using a scaffolded exam question which examines the abolition of the slave trade. Revise using previous lesson notes and research on the internet.



You will be assessed on your current topic of “Who am I?” this will include describing yourself and others, talking about relationships with family members, making arrangements to go out and describing a night out with friends. You will be assessed on all four skills of reading listening writing and speaking. Key grammar to revise will be the perfect tense with avoir  (j’ai fini) and être (je suis allé(e)), the present tense of regular and irregular verbs,( j’aime, je suis, tu as), reflexive verbs (je m’entends bien avec…)  and the near future tense( je vais manger) .Use memrise to to aid you in your revision.



You will be assessed on your piece of Wearable Art. To prepare you must continue collecting recycled products and using your thorough planning to make to remind you of the construction stages.



You will be assessed on your knowledge of the Baroque Era including composers within this era; typical instruments from within this time period and the Baroque Orchestra and ways to identify whether a piece of music is Baroque or not. Useful revision strategies would be to use your book to recap key terms and notes we have made or use BBC Bitesize as a way to recap the key features of this era.


Design Technology

You will be assessed on your designing skills and ability to add comments and notes to your design ideas using technical language.


Food Technology

You will be assessed on your final cooking practical from quadmester 1.

To prepare you will watch the demonstration in your first lesson back after the holiday and you can practice the dish at home.


Religious Education

You will be assessed on work we have completed over the past few weeks on British values and the key factors that define Britishness.