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About Exam Results and Certificates


Notification of Results


  • An announcement will be made when your statement of results is available for collection (this is known as Results Day).
  • If you wish any other person (including family members) to collect your results on your behalf, you must give your written authorisation to school before Results Day.
  • Candidates who do not collect their results on Results Day can collect from School Reception once school reopens in September.
  • No results will be given out by telephone under any circumstances.
  • Please REMEMBER, the results you are given are a Statement of Results and NOT your Certificates (see Examination certificates below).

Post Results


  • If you need post-results advice, Five Islands Academy teaching staff will be available on Results Day.
  • Five Islands Academy does not enter former pupils for re-sits in November.  If you need to re-sit an examination you should speak to the teaching staff on Results Day.

Examinations Certificates


  • Certificates are normally available for collection in November. Certificates are not posted out as they could become lost in the post. The examination boards only issue replacements at a cost! Therefore once your certificates have been collected, they need to be kept in a safe place for future reference. 
  • Five Islands Academy is only obliged to keep certificates for a period of one year after issue. If candidates do not collect their certificates within this time, they can only be replaced by direct application to the appropriate examination boards. This will require proof of identity (such as a birth certificate) and a substantial fee per examination board.

    You are therefore urged to collect your certificates as soon as possible in November and to keep them safely.


Results Enquiries – Post Results Services


This service is available for you if you are unhappy about any of your results and wish to find out more. Please discuss this with your subject teacher in the first instance who will decide whether an enquiry about the result is necessary. He/she will decide which of the following services is necessary;


  • Clerical Check (checks your marks have been added up correctly)
  • Clerical check with a photocopy of your script
  • Remark or Remark with a photocopy of your script
  • Photocopy of your script


The deadline for making an enquiry about your result with the awarding bodies is usually in September.

The Awarding Bodies make a charge for all the above services. 


If you require any post results services it is your responsibility to discuss which service you require. You will be able to do this on results day with specialist teachers for urgent enquiries and on return to school with your subject tutor and examinations manager.