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Academy Dinners

Winter Lunch Menu Week 1-Week 4 To Commence Week Beginning Tuesday 5th November 2019

Christmas Lunch 2019 - Friday 13th December

Christmas Lunch 2019 - Friday 13th December 1

Christmas Lunch - Friday 13th December

Roast Turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy. Contains  celery
Pigs in blanket,  Contains wheat , soya
Sage and onion stuffing Contains wheat, barley
Sesame nut roast, Contains nuts, seeds, wheat, barley, soya
Roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, broccoli,
Veg bake, Contains, celery


Christmas muffins, Contains wheat, milk
Mince pies Contains, wheat, milk, eggs
Christmas pudding and cream Contains wheat, nuts, milk


Gluten free muffins and mince pies will be available,
Dairy free muffins will be available.

Prices (Effective From Thursday 5th September 2019)

  • Primary Children: £3.00 (2 course meal)
  • Secondary Children: £3.25 (2 course meal)
  • Adults: £5.95 (2 course meal), £4.40 (main course only), £1.90 (dessert only)
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The School Food Plan

Henry Dimbleby & John Vincent explain the thinking and actions behind their School Food Plan