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Assistant House Parent - Mundesley


We have a part-time vacancy for someone that is suitably experienced to join our team at Mundesley Boarding House.


The role of the Assistant House Parent is to contribute to residential provision that ensures the highest standards of care for all Mundesley pupils and facilitates a supportive, caring and secure environment that ensure pupils’ well being and encourages development. The hours are currently eight hours per week as detailed below:


Hours of attendance are:

Monday and Thursday- 15:15-19:15

£9.55 per hour

Job Description

Job Title:

Assistant House Parent

Reporting To:

Headteacher and Chief Operations Officer

Residential House Parents




● To seek as far as is possible to meet the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs

  of all boarding pupils.


● To contribute to the health, safety, welfare and discipline of Mundesley residents and

  the development of their leisure activities and  independence skills.


● To ensure the dignity and self-esteem of resident students by developing positive,

  appropriate and supportive relationships.


● To work under the direction of the Residential House Parents,  towards the full

  achievement of the National Minimum Standards For Boarding Schools for the welfare

  and  pastoral well being of boarders.


● To administer and dispense pupil medicine in accordance with agreed local and national

  protocols if trained and approved by the Residential House Parents to do so.


● To be aware of and work in accordance with the Academy’s child protection policies and

  procedures, raising any concerns relating to such procedures which may be noted during

  the course of duty.


● To supervise  homework, giving advice and support where necessary.


● To contribute to personal files and other documentation relating to resident students,

  ensuring the utmost confidentiality of such information.


● To maintain confidentiality of information acquired in the course of undertaking these


● To implement Academy policies, guidelines and procedures relating to the boarding  



● To attend staff meetings and training as required.

●  To draw to the attention of the Residential House Parents any potentially dangerous  

   practice, situation or property noted during the course of duty or any significant

   maintenance or development requirements.

● To ensure that tasks are carried out in accordance with Academy policies, specific

  Instructions, rules, regulations, legislation and procedures including the Academy’s

  Equal Opportunities Policy, Code of Conduct, Health and Safety Policy and Data



● To be responsible for your own continuing self development, in liaison with the

  Headteacher and Residential House Parents, and to undertake appropriate courses of



● To undertake, from time to time, any additional or revised duties appropriate to the

  grading of this post as requested by the Residential House Parents.