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Boarding - Mundesley House

Mundesley House is a boarding house funded by the Department for Education that provides a boarding facility for secondary-aged students who normally reside on the small islands of Bryher, St Agnes, St Martin's and Tresco. Students board from Monday to Thursday night, returning home on Friday afternoon. This enables students to access a full secondary education on St Mary's and attend extra-curricular activities. 


Parents are very much involved in looking after their child/ren as well has having a voice in how the boarding house is run. All parents of Mundesley students are invited to attend a steering group once a term to raise any concerns or discuss ideas on a number of school and boarding related issues. The Parent Liaison Group have opted for each parent to make a voluntary contribution towards each child at the boarding house each term. 


If you have a child in primary school on an off island or are considering moving to an off-island with a secondary-aged child or children and would like to know more about the boarding house, please contact the Houseparents, Erica and Wez Swain, on 01720 423277.