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Primary Art: 

Art Blog

At Five Islands Academy,  children explore and develop their skills and creativity using a wide range of media. We value the use of sketchbooks and encourage the importance of experimentation, exploration and pushing ideas in imaginative ways.

To see what we have been up to across the islands, please visit our ART BLOG here:

Secondary Art: 

Here at Five Islands Academy our art students gain experience and grow in confidence by exploring a wide range of media, materials and technology. Our students grow in confidence and challenge themselves by taking and enjoying creative risks! 

We always allow our students to express themselves and to explore and celebrate the beauty of our natural environment within their artwork. 

Food Technology & Hospitality & Catering 

Here at Five Islands Academy our talented chefs thrive off their experiences within the kitchen. In all age groups our chefs enjoy becoming more adventurous and creative with their recipe planning. As much as possible we aim to use and celebrate local produce and traditional recipes.