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Da Vinci Programme

What is the da Vinci Programme?


The purpose of the da Vinci programme is to set high standards, model a growth mindset and help students develop and deepen their interests.  Da Vinci awards can be used to demonstrate mastery of a topic or using their learning in new and perhaps in previously unexplored ways.  We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve in their own areas of expertise and interest and this programme is designed to celebrate those individual differences and most importantly, inspire others to challenge their own perceived limits.


Students may be nominated for da Vinci awards when they have demonstrated mastery level attainment, creativity and task commitment, accomplishing something that goes well beyond what would normally be expected of a student in a particular task or at this stage of their learning. Each da Vinci award gains a student three house points, and can be used as evidence of 'Excellence' towards their Values Awards. For an achievement which has an outstanding impact beyond our school community, a student may on occasion be awarded a da Vinci enamel badge: the equivalent of 10 da Vincis overall.

2019-20 Da Vinci History Projects from Lockdown

Click here to explore the full Lockdown presentation, with links to individual projects!

Da Vinci Badges for the Editors of 'Being Scilly'



Our students have yet again produced a wide range of impressive achievements this year at the Five Islands Academy. Please do have a look at the Da Vinci awards for which they have been nominated below. They range from impressive County-level sporting contributions to highly motivated homework projects, from Grade 7 music achievements to committed volunteering outside school to support good causes. Well done to all the Da Vinci winners!

Showcase 2018-19



We celebrated the end of the first half of term with a fantastic assembly, sharing and admiring the mastery-level projects and achievements that have been awarded Da Vinci Awards so far this summer.


Our students’ successes ranged from astounding  sporting successes (Megan Woodcock and Jack Austin) to high performance Year 11 learning (Sophie Jenkins and Loveday Lewin), from extra-curricular excellence in Science (Ashley Horton and Henry Dean) to truly committed homework projects on Race and Rhetoric (Rosie Dryden), and amazing ant expertise (Ahab Mawer). Da Vinci Awards were also given to each of our musicians who gained a Distinction in at least one class at last term’s Cornwall Music Festival - the just rewards of a huge amount of practice, dedication and talent. The music awards went to Inca Reynolds, Zachary Hick, Rosie Julian, Remy Lewin, Josh Carss, Sienna Hathway, Piran Julian, Libby Shave, Deya Reynolds, Isla Hicks and Megan Woodcock.


Isla Hicks was awarded a Da Vinci Badge - worth 10 Da Vincis - for her beautiful Autism Awareness video, which is touching people’s lives well beyond the confines of our school and these islands. You can read about Isla and Austin and watch their film here:

Summer 2018 Showcase

Spring 2018 Showcase