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Weekly Recipes and Ingredients


We are welcoming a new group of students into the kitchen to start their practical lessons next week and we wanted to notify you of some changes to their lessons and share their recipe books with you. 


In order to minimise the use of equipment and to ensure safe distancing between students within the kitchen students can only cook in small groups, the maximum size of six cooking at once in a lesson. 


Students in Year 7-9 have been split into two groups in their classes, one group will be cooking whilst the other group builds up their portfolio of evidence on their iPads. We will  rotate the group the following week and use this routine throughout the quadmester. Your child will be able to tell you which group they have been placed in and their firefly tasks will remind them of this. 


In addition, we would also ask them to prepare all their ingredients at home, as part of their homework,  for example, the measuring and slicing of all ingredients. Preparing in this way will help to minimise the use of equipment. All food must be brought into school in a sealed container and a labeled food container. 


We do fully understand that it can be challenging sourcing some ingredients and you are always welcome to make changes to any of their recipes. We are aiming to bulk buy some of the most used ingredients and can top up their supply if needed.

If you do have any further questions please contact me:


And once again we would like to thank you for your continued support at home.

Yours faithfully

Gemma Pearce
Assistant Head Teacher- Personal Development 
Teacher of Art & Design & Food Technology

Here are the Winter Recipe Books for Year 7, 8 and 9 for your reference at home.