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Year 7, 8 & 9 Food Technology- New Groups and Practical Lessons


Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians, 

We are welcoming back a new group of students to start their practical lessons next week and we wanted to notify you of some changes to their lessons and share their recipe books with you. 

We are delighted that all students can now cook together as one group and we no longer have to split them into groups within their classes. We would also ask them to prepare all their ingredients at home, as part of their homework,  for example, the measuring of all ingredients. Preparing in this way will help to minimise the use of equipment. All food must be brought into school in a sealed container and a labeled food container. They must bring their bags into the Food Tech kitchen before school and store food appropriately in the fridge. 

We do apologise that there will be some disruption to some cooking lessons because of Year 11 exams taking place in the kitchen and because of my involvement with invigilating the art exams; there will be no cooking in school on these dates for these Year groups: 
Monday 17th May: Year 8
Tuesday 8th June: Year 9

We do fully understand that it can be challenging sourcing some ingredients and you are always welcome to make changes to any of their recipes. If you do have any further questions please contact me:

And once again we would like to thank you for your continued support at home and we hope that you enjoy these summer dishes.

Yours faithfully

Gemma Pearce
Assistant Head Teacher- Personal Development 
Teacher of Art & Design & Food Technology

Here are the recipe books for the Summer Quadmester: