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These forms may be printed and completed by hand, and submitted to the reception desk at any of the school bases. Documents may also be completed electronically, saved, and then emailed to the school at


You will find our Absence Request Form here, which we ask you to fill in for any planned absences. 


Procedures for notifying us of your child’s absence from school:

  • Please inform the school early in the morning on the first day that your child is ill and repeat this on each subsequent day until your child returns to school. You can telephone on 01720 424850.
  • If your child is away from school for a medical appointment we ask that if possible you complete an Absence Request Form to notify school before the day. This ensures that the absence is pre-loaded into the register, which enables us to make sure that all children are accounted for and safe. If however you are unable to do this, we ask that you telephone on the morning of the appointment. We will also need to know the approximate time of return.
  • When returning to school after an appointment we ask that you accompany your child into school to inform us that they have returned (rather than letting them arrive on their own). Your child will then sign in at Reception.
  • If a child needs to leave early for an appointment please collect them from school, as no child will be able to leave the premises without being accompanied by an adult.
  • If your child is away from school for any other reason (e.g. holiday/family outing) then Absence Request Form must be completed.
  • If we have no notification of a child being absent and in the unlikely event that they have not arrived at school once the register has been taken, we will then telephone the parents or emergency contact. If we are unable to make contact we will have no alternative but to immediately inform the authorities. This is for everyone’s safety.
For new pupil admissions please see the admissions page.

Disability Registration


The following documents listed are registration forms for the Council of the Isles of Scilly Children's Disability Register in both  PDF format and Microsoft Word format as indicated. Please return to the council as detailed at the top of the form.

Blue Peris Mountain Centre Forms