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Information for Parents of Reception and Y1 (Gigs) Children at Carn Gwaval

School telephone number: 01720 424850


Arriving at and leaving school

Staff will be available to meet your child from 8.45am. Please bring your child to the front of school for the start of the day and collect them from the school field at 3.10pm. In the initial weeks you are welcome to come into the classroom to help settle your child. As they become more confident we hope that you will encourage them to come into the classroom on their own. Please let staff know the regular arrangements for collecting your child and advise them of any changes to this. Please phone the school by 8.00am if your child will be absent. 



Your child will continue to be provided with a piece of fruit for their morning playtime or can bring a healthy snack in from home if they would prefer. Water is available throughout the day and a morning drink of milk is also offered. Your child will be able to choose to play in orange class gardens or the MUGA. In dry weather the field is also used.

All Reception pupils will be paired up with a Y6 'buddy' who will help them at playtimes and lunchtimes for the first few weeks of school. They will meet their buddy during one of their transition sessions.


In line with the government initiative, school dinners at Carn Gwaval will be free for all our children in Gigs and Redwings (YR, 1 and 2). Packed lunches can be stored in the fridge and should be clearly named. Please do not send in fizzy drinks, glass bottles or sweets. Your child will be supported by their Year 6 buddy to begin with and then be helped to choose where they would like to sit in the cafe area.


Each class has access to toilets and children are able to use them at any time. Staff are able to offer verbal support when children are learning to manage their toileting needs but will not physically help unless there has been an accident or your child has specific needs which have been discussed. Accidents are inevitable and are dealt with sensitively, with soiled clothing being sent home in a carrier bag.


Please refer to the uniform policy and Tesco ordering leaflet for full information. We advise that with young children clothing should be easy for them to cope with on their own. Velcro shoe fastenings and polo T-shirts will support their independence. Plastic aprons are provided for messy activities. A sunhat will be required in the summer months.

Please clearly name all items of uniform and coats.

Children will be provided with a book bag and PE bag as a gift from the PTFA.



If your child is ill please ring the school by 9am to register their absence. In line with medical advice we ask that any child who has been sick or has had diarrhoea is absent from school for 48 hours to reduce the risk of cross infection. 
We do not encourage holidays during school terms but for unavoidable occasions or medical appointments an absence request form is available from the school reception desk or on our school website.

EYFS Curriculum and Learning Diaries

We will continue to record evidence of progress in your child's learning diary and encourage you to contribute to these as well. Information about ways to do this will be provided in September when we will invite you to join us for some Early Years Foundation Stage workshops.


If you have any questions at all about your child's entry into Reception, then please do ask. We work hard to ensure that the transition into School is as smooth and happy as possible for you and your child, so any feedback you have to support this process is valued.