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Leading Edge Academies Partnership is currently a group of six distinct and unique schools located in beautiful coastal and island settings in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  We are lucky to include a mix of primary and secondary schools, as well as an all-through school with boarding provision and off island bases.  This diversity makes for a dynamic and varied perspective.


The Trust achieves its vision and mission through co-construction, with everyone empowered to shape the future and contribute towards the Trust’s success.  We do this while embracing the distinctiveness of each school and holding children at the heart of every decision we make. The Central Team, on behalf of its schools, is driven by integrity and keeps a close eye on the ‘value added’ that being part of Leading Edge brings. We put fun, happiness and caring relationships at the heart of Trust and school development. 


Our schools share a vision and  are values driven, like-minded and passionate about empowering children, young people and adults to reach their personal best.  All our schools strive for a curriculum which inspires and offers something for everyone; it offers breadth through wide ranging and extraordinary opportunities and prepares our pupils for their future.  Digital technology is used to support teaching pedagogy, reduce teaching workload and enhance accessibility for all pupils. 

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Our Leading Edge Curriculum Is:

  • Conceptual
  • Disciplinary
  • Adventurous (often outdoors)
  • Project based learning 
  • Quadmesterly/common learning cycles
  • Taught to the Top using SOLO Taxonomy

Executive Team:

Kelley Butcher: Chief Executive Officer

David Teasdale: Chief Operating Officer

Sue Mander: Finance Director

Helen Peerless: Director of Governance

Vedette Peaker: Director of People

Les Hall: Trust Secondary Lead Principal

Adam Anderson: Trust Primary Lead Principal


Meet the Leaders of all our Academies here.


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Tel: 01736 688441