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Advice on Head Lice

We have some unwanted visitors in school in the form of Head lice! Please can you check your child’s hair and if necessary treat your child and the family. If you discover that your child has become infested please do not send them to school until after they have been treated and ensure that you inform the school. In this way we may be able to prevent the spread of these unwelcome visitors.


Prevention is the best approach. Head lice do not jump but pass from head to head / hair to hair contact, hence the fact that they tend to pass more frequently amongst small children and families due to that closer contact


You can help to prevent the spread of head lice in the following ways:


  • Regularly comb hair with a fine comb. This can be easier if hair is wet and has conditioner in it.
  • Head lice do not seem fond of tea tree oil and so tea tree shampoos can be good.
  • Tie back children’s hair if it is long


Jo Yeates
Head of School