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Environmental Protest 2019 (Friday 15th March) - Message from Headteacher

Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians


As per my previous letter, accompanying the letter from our students, there is a global day of action on March 15th - see for more information.


Students and staff have also shared these two clips: 


It has become apparent in your response to last week's letters that there is a great appetite for change on the Isles of Scilly, and that action can come from our whole community.


I am very keen that our young people don't get bogged down in the act of protesting and that their energy and anger is directed towards ensuring that our community becomes a beacon of change in a world where the future currently appears bleak.


As Headteacher, I support the march, the protest and the demands for immediate action. I cannot support students walking out of school in any other way than those we have planned. It is my responsibility to keep children safe during school hours and to do this they need to be under the supervision of staff. If a student walks out of school they will be considered a missing person and our usual safeguarding procedures will be followed.


I am sure that Friday will be a memorable day and one to recount to future generations.

Mrs Jo Yeates