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#extremebookselfie Competition

Over half term, Ms Broadhurst challenged our students to an #extremebookselfie competition.


We are lucky enough at Five Islands Academy to have a full two week half term in the Autumn. Many families take the opportunity to visit exciting places around the world, while others choose to make the most of our stunning home islands at leisure. Reading is such an important part of all our children's development: to build up skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed in whatever they choose to do, as well as to open doors into real and imagined worlds that they might otherwise never see. We were keen, therefore, to encourage everyone this half term to remember to pack a book, to have it on hand for those quiet moments over the fortnight where they could slip away into another world.


Where would they be when they were enjoying their books? While reminding everyone to stay safe when reading, Ms Broadhurst asked them to take a photo of themselves reading in the most unusual or exciting place, and to submit it to our competition on return. Wow! We were amazed at the inventive reading spots recorded: can you identify any of them below? Some of our children have a very impressive head for heights.... And watch out for that monkey, Jeremiah!