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Firefly Service Disruption for Secondary Home Learning, Tuesday 24th March

We have been so delighted with students' engagement with home learning on Day 1: well done to everyone who got online and shared their great work, photos and videos with us!


Day 2 (Tuesday): There is currently a national problem with Firefly, so Secondary learners may not be able to access their lessons this morning - if you try to get to your Secondary lessons, you will find that it says the site is offline. They are working hard to get us all back online again, and are hoping that it will be working by lunchtime.


Don't worry, Secondary learners! We suggest you check your emails, in case any teachers have sent work out that way, but if not: relax, read a book, get some exercise, explore our home learning links on the website here - and try Firefly again at lunchtime.


We are keeping our Five Islands Academy Facebook Page updated with regular news about online learning and ideas for fun activities when it is not working: do please follow us to keep up to date. For those not on Facebook, we will also post updates here on the school website.