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GCSE Results - August 2020

Congratulations to our Year 11 Leavers!


We are so proud of the GCSE results received by our students of 2020, as they represent the fantastic learning journey and the great progress the students have made over the past 5 years. As a school, we have warmly welcomed the government’s final decision to award Centre Assessed Grades, as these reflect the students' impressive achievement as individuals.


Some of the media reports have wrongly been referring to the final process as ‘Teacher Assessed Grades’, which might give the impression that individual teachers decided on students' final results. We are keen to clarify that the process we went through to submit all Centre Assessed Grades was detailed and robust. As a centre, we had to ensure we had strong evidence to support each grade submission and to follow strict guidelines from the Department for Education to make sure that our grades weren’t all brought down by the national moderation process. The Senior Leadership Team therefore considered teacher assessments, Mock and other exam results, coursework, practical work, prior attainment and then used national standardisation through FFTAspire to check that the grades we were entering would not be downgraded.


We are therefore really confident that media hype about ‘inflated grades’ does not apply to our Class of 2020! While sadly they did not have the opportunity to try for even higher grades in their final exams, they truly earned the GCSEs and other Level 1 or 2 qualifications they are receiving today, and await BTEC adjustments with interest.