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The First Da Vinci Awards

Our first Da Vinci award-winners have been selected! It was so hard to decide which of the fantastic pieces of work on display at the Exhibition of Excellence were truly Da Vinci-worthy. Certainly, each student on the list below had really earned recognition for their task commitment, creativity and mastery-level achievements, fulfilling a wide range of Da Vinci criteria, from intrinsic motivation and perseverance to passion and nuance. 


We have asked teachers to nominate any other pieces of work that we might have missed on that busy afternoon - so more awards may yet be given. Excellence displayed at the Cornwall Music Festival will also be recognised with Da Vinci awards at the beginning of next term.


A huge well done, for now, to the following amazing students:


  • Year 7: Henry Dean, Sam Eggins, Alex Frank, Jake Williams
  • Year 8: Ophelia Christopher, Fraser Clark, Piran Julian, Ben Kershaw
  • Year 9: Daisy Davis, Ahab Mawer, Rosie Dryden, Toby Hicks, Freya Jenkins (x3), Remy Lewin, Noah Osborne, Owen Littlejohn
  • Year 10: Rosie Julian, Aidan Smith, Mila Spence (x2), Ryan Thomas


Please take your time to enjoy browsing through photos, extracts from and comments on the Da Vinci pieces in the Showcase! Below are a selection of thumbnails of award-winning work to give you an impression of the excellence demonstrated across the school - but you will be able to read the comments and extracts more easily in the showcase.


Da Vinci Showcase Spring 2018 (please click to open)