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Occupational Therapist

When might my child be referred to an Occupational Therapist?

This usually happens at a young age, where a health visitor or Early Years Setting may have concerns about a child’s motor development and or sensory processing difficulties.

The Occupational Therapy service is commissioned by the NHS. This means that school can refer a student and the referral is screened by Children’s Services (NHS). If the student meets the criteria to be seen then the Occupational Therapist will organise the appointment

How are referrals made?

The SENCO at school, the School Nurse, the Doctor or the Health visitor make Occupational Therapy referrals. There is a form which is filled in, giving details of the difficulty. Some sections require observation and some sections with the parent or carer. This is then sent to Children’s Services who send the form on for screening. The decision is then made as to whether the child meets the criteria to be seen.

Who is the School’s Occupational Therapist?

The Occupational Therapist is currently Camila Chaplin.

How often does she visit?

Visits are not frequent but usually coincide with a visit from Dr Jenkins, Paediatrician.



What happens on a visit?

The therapist will usually work with the child, meet with parents and with staff and from this produce a goal sheet/ advice sheets. Progress may be reviewed but this is not always the case.