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SEND Glossary



AS- Autistic Spectrum

CAF - Common Assessment Framework

CAT- Cognitive Assessment Test

CIOS LA- Council for the Isles of Scilly Local Authority

CPD- Continued Professional Development

DFE- Department for Education

EHC- Single Education Health Care Plan

EP – Educational Psychologist

ESM- Emotional Social Mental Difficulty

EYFS- Early Years Foundation Stage

HLTA- Higher Level Teaching Assistant

IEP- Individual Education Plan

LMT- Learning Management Team

OT- Occupational Therapist

PA- Personal Assistant

SALT – Speech and Language Therapist/ Therapy

SAT- Standardised Assessment Test

SENCO- Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator

SEND- Special Educational Needs and Disability

SLT- Senior Leadership Team

SPLD- Specific Learning Difficulty- i.e. dyslexia, dyspraxia

TA- Teaching Assistant