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Speech and Language Therapist

Who is the School’s Speech and Language Therapist?

Our Speech and Language Therapist is Liz Royall.

When might my child be referred to a Speech and Language Therapist?

This usually happens at a young age, where a health visitor or Early Years Setting may have concerns about the development of Speech and Language. Difficulties can include understanding of language, ability to express in words, understanding of social language as well as stammers and stutters. Sometimes stammers and stutters develop as a child gets older but can develop as early as two years old. Additionally, sometimes a student who is having difficulties in learning may have a speech and language difficulty.

The Speech and language Therapy service is part of the National Health Service. This means that school can refer a student and the referral is screened by Children’s Services (NHS). If the student meets the criteria to be seen then the Speech and Language Therapist will organise the appointment. If there is a difficulty with the appointment, please contact Liz Royall.

How are referrals made?

The SENCO at school, the School Nurse, the Doctor or the Health visitor make Speech and Language referrals. There is a form which is filled in, giving details of the difficulty. Some sections require observation and some sections with the parent or carer. This is then sent to Children’s Services who send the form on for screening. The decision is then made as to whether the child meets the criteria to be seen. Parents can self-refer to the service by phoning the Early Help Hub who will help them fill in the right form. 01872 322277

How often does she visit?

Liz has planned visits roughly every half term. This means that if a referral has been accepted Liz will see the child as soon as she can. Liz contacts parents directly to arrange appointment times. These are usually in the centre where the child is i.e. school, nursery.

What happens on a visit?

Liz will usually observe the child, meet with parents and with staff and from this produce a goal sheet. This has on the targets everyone will work towards. Sometimes these targets are primarily for home. Liz will then review progress on a subsequent visit which is usually in the following term.