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Staying active


Cricket Challenges 

Hello all. We would normally be practising our cricket skills in PE this half term so please feel free to have a go at the home challenges from Gloucestershire Cricket Board and Chance to Shine. 

Click on this link, click on the menu. Scroll down to ‘Keep Kids Active’ and give each weekly challenge your best shot!


Fitness Challenge 

This week’s fitness challenges are

1. Count how many press ups you can do in a minute. Try to improve your score by at least 10% each day. 

2. Hold  the ‘plank’ for as long as possible. Try to increase your time by 5 seconds each day. 

3. Skip for 1 minute without stopping. Try to add 30 seconds each day without any mistakes or breaks. 


Hopefully this will work your arms, legs and core and if you email me your scores I will publish the winner of each year group and gender in the school newsletter. 


Feel free to email me any videos of your efforts in both cricket and fitness. 


Hope you are all keeping well

Martyn Songhurst 

Head of PE

Time To Move

Click on this link for an update from Time 2 Move Cornwall. The website has lots of information about staying active during these challenging times.


Get Set for the Tokyo Home Olympics

Try these resources to help stay active and engaged whilst working from home. You can create your own teams and send me your results so that we can find our Olympic Champions. There will be new resources added every fortnight and they are not just physical challenges; try the design challenges or even the quizzes.

Not all of the challenges are possible, but give those that are your best shot.

Good luck and please email me with any questions.


Mr Songhurst