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The Autistic Spectrum Team

Who is this?

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Team (ASDAT) is provided by Cornwall Partnerships Foundation Trust. There is a multidisciplinary team for children and young people up to their 16th birthday who have complex social and communication difficulties. We also commission the services of Andrew Mercer, an SEN Consultant, when required.

Who does he see?

Andrew can only work with students who have a formal diagnosis of Autism. He also works with the families of these children and so is supporting home as well as school. He is not the person who can give this diagnosis

What does he do?

Andrew provides school with expert advice as to the next steps for children on the Spectrum and provides support for the family.

What happens if FIA requests that my child is seen?

In all cases the SENDCO fills in a referral form and this is shared with parents or carers. Parents/ carers are asked to sign the form to show they have given their consent.

Once a date has been fixed, the SENDCO organises a timetable. 

Andrew observes the student in class, meets with the staff working with that student and their parents. He then will offer advice. Sometimes his visit will coincide with a meeting in which case he will attend. He usually helps to write an individual education plan based on his advice.

What happens after the visit?

A report is sent to the academy. These reports are stored securely and the essential points are shared with staff. In the case of primary students, the class teacher will have a copy. In the case of secondary students the advice is shared with staff along with any information which may help staff in understanding the young person’s needs. A third copy is sent home to parents. The SENDCO and staff then follow this advice.