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Gigs Class - Scilly History Timeline

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Year 2 Recorder Group - 1st Lesson

This week has seen the return of the beautiful sound of descant recorders! I thought everyone should have the chance to hear how well the Year 2 group did on their first ever lesson, so here it is for your enjoyment. I think you will agree that to play a tune in time with an accompaniment (even if it is a one-note tune) is pretty impressive!

Community Postcard Project

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Erica and her team of students have designed and created postcards to send to friends, neighbours or members of the community to spread a little happiness during these challenging times. Please watch the video in the link and support this great project.

Goodbye Toppers

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KS3 Easter Artwork Gallery

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This is a digital exhibition of the Easter artwork our Key Stage 3 students have put together. The plan was for it to be displayed in the Church Pavillion for all to view over the Easter Holidays but sadly this was not possible.

World Book Day - Book In A Jar Competition

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Here's a short video to give you some inspiration for our Book In A Jar competition.

Year 3 and 6 Restorative Justice Broadcast (Radio Scilly)

Here is the Radio Scilly broadcast that went out on Tuesday 20th November 2018