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Vision and Values

All Aboard! Navigating Together

Five Islands Academy is a through school serving the island communities that exist 28 miles from Land's End in the Atlantic Ocean.


Our inclusive vision for learning is anchored in hope and inspired by our extraordinary environment, our creativity and the far-reaching horizons in every direction.


As a Church of England school, and through our academy values and curriculum, we nurture curious, collaborative, creative global learners, ready and able to flourish whether they choose to contribute to their local community or to sail away across the wider world. 






Hope is an anchor for the soul, steadfast and sure. 

Hebrews 6:19

FIA Values

Equity: Fairness and Restorative Practice

To achieve equity and trust, we show children we care about them in all our decisions; we teach them to build caring relationships with each other, the environment and our community; and we ensure all voices are heard respectfully within our Restorative Practice circles and day to day communications



Evolution: Change for the Better

Our school culture celebrates evolution through creating a culture where everyone feels safe and inspired to learn and grow. Our behaviours and relationships are created, supported and nurtured throughout the FIA journey. We are curious; we learn from our mistakes; we are change-makers; we strive together to make the world a better place.



Excellence: A School to be Proud of

Students and staff work hard to achieve excellence in all areas of school life: we take pride in producing excellent outcomes in books, displays, exhibitions, sporting challenges, performances and presentations. Excellence is not just an individual goal, but a collaborative sense of pride in ourselves, our peers and our school.