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Academy Lunches - Week 2



Tomato Pasta - contains wheat, celery
Cheese - contains milk
Broccoli, peas, sweetcorn


Steamed syrup sponge - contains wheat, milk, eggs
and custard - contains milk




Sausages - contains wheat, soya, sulphur dioxide
Creamed potatoes - contains milk
Carrots, broccoli, peas


Iced buns - contains wheat, milk, eggs




Spaghetti Bolognese - contains wheat
Cheese - contains milk
Peas, sweetcorn, green beans


Chocolate mint cake - contains wheat, milk, eggs




Cheese whirls - contains wheat, milk
Peas, sweetcorn, baked beans
Coleslaw - contains eggs, mustard


Fruit crumble - contains wheat, milk
and custard - contains milk




Roast beef and gravy
Yorkshire pudding - contains wheat, eggs, milk
Roast potatoes
Carrots, cabbage, swede

Chocolate caramel crunch - contains wheat, milk


If you have any dietary requirements, please notify the kitchen. On the days that the vegetarian option is not on the menu, please look at the notice board next to the kitchen.  Fresh fruit or yoghurt ​(contains milk)​ is available as an alternative dessert + wholemeal bread ​(contains wheat) ​available each day.